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You are looking for answers and clarity about yourself and your current life situation? Through Silke it is possible for you to recognize which mission and calling you have chosen in this life and where you can positively change your life through small changes. Give yourself the gift of a reading to discover the biggest connections in your life.


Silke was born with extraordinary abilities: She is connected to the spiritual world and receives information constantly. As a world-renowned medium, Silke now lives in Bali and has already helped countless people with her extraordinary readings and your way in the most diverse life situations.

"I love living my calling every day - And on my life journey, I support people as a bridge and channel between worlds."

Silke Liederbach 

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What is a Reading?

A Reading is an unimaginable enriching and impressive experience that will change your life deeply.  Silke connects in the Reading with your personal team, which consists of different energies. You will find out which life journey you have booked in part and which possibilities you have to change every day. But above all Silke will give you one thing, she will speak the language of your very personal inner voice. A voice that will hit your core and make it possible for you to finally hear this voice again. 

The information you will receive will give you an unimaginable clarity about your past, your present and your future. Through this gift it will be possible for you to live again from your inner feeling.

This is only a preview of the available dates. You book your appointment as part of the sales process.

Which Reading are there?


An intense conversation with the medium Silke will provide you with all the information that is intended for you and your path at this time from the spiritual word.

In 60 minutes you will receive:

  • Information about you, your vocation and your life's task

  • Signposts on how to get closer to your goals

  • Knowledge about your being, your essence and which potentials lie dormant in you

  • Support, how you can finally live your true self 

  • Answers, ideas and solutions you have been longing for for a long time 

  • Messages and valuable impulses for your life

  • An unimaginable trust in yourself, your intuition and your path.

The energy cost is

250 Euro

(excluding VAT).


This deeply impressive experience will accompany you forever.

Relationship Reading

Every relationship has a deeply rooted purpose and is a very important component for you. It is more than just the meeting of two people who love each other. It always has a task deeply rooted in you. But often it is not possible for us to recognize these so important contents. We forget to change the perspective, to see the adjusting screws which can be changed to inspire the relationship again or to understand for what common valleys are just good. Take the time with your partner to let them show you why you are on the journey together and what you can learn from each other. 

Part of this two hour partnership reading is: 

  • Recognizing what your purpose is together in your relationship. 

  • Learning how to treat the relationship as a separate person 

  • What connections you bring with you that existed before you met and that's why you are so close 

  • Leaving certain roles and living in more authenticity 

  • Why did you come together and what can you learn from each other? 

  • Be worthy of each other, recognize the true greatness of your relationship and learn to live together in authenticity. 

Der Energieaufwand beträgt

320 Euro

(excluding VAT)

The meeting between you and Silke takes place through Zoom. This deeply impressive experience will stay with you forever.


When it comes to your business, you sometimes feel helpless and overwhelmed and ask yourself which direction the company should go. Here you get clear instructions and answers about the potential of you and your business. Let us show you what value is visible through you in your business.

In 3 hours you will get: 

  • The reason for your business from a universal point of view

  • Information about your unrealized potential and challenges

  • Which business partners and employees are intended for you

  • Which clientele you should reach

  • Growth prospects through change

  • Answers and solutions to your personal questions about your business

The energy cost is


(exklusive Mwst).

Look forward to more ease and success in your business.

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